Our Story

Our Story part #1

What would you do if you could pick what to do? Name it? I choose to step into the Music Industry. Knew nothing except being passionate for music my whole life. Music has always been in my soul. And I am not the one who gets into something not knowing so I googled and found an education in Stockholm at Sae Institute – Music Marketing Manger – said and done I went for an interview for the one year education and found out more about it – they had a few spots over so I started the week after.

Does this sound like it kind of was for me? YES! I knew from the start that I wanted a record label and everyone kind of thought I was crazy. I soaked in everything there was to know about the music industry and dug extra deep into the difficult contracts and marketing. I had studied marketing 10 years earlier but that was before social media – and now I dug really deep into that and graduated one year later in June 2014. Met my first artist and teamed up with my dream team there and the rest is kind of history. Wow I’m blown away of this adventure and I am so grateful this.

There is absolutely nothing compare to getting demo songs and discussing them and then being in the studio being part of developing these demos into amazing songs. Nothing like it! The pandemic have given the industry a rough turn but I am confident to continue within the industry til I’m at least 95 years old is my plan / Regina 

Our Story part #2

Never judge a book by its cover – or a small town girl – not anyone else either. Anyway because you never know what you will bump into on the way!

Working at our family business, very bored back in 2013 when I just had started my Record Label and also studied part time at SAE Institute, there often came by some business contacts for coffee, hanging out. 

A good advise here, always take time to chat with those people stopping by, it’s good to socialize and you get a break from boring work but so much more. 

This guy always talked about everything from work to he and his wife’s horses escapades. He was very entertaining and it was nice to talk to him and he used to come by our family business. Suddenly he started asking me about my record label and told me about a guy who had a studio a couple of miles outside my hometown and I remember that I had heard about him many years ago. All I could remember was that he had been working in LA, and had a music studio in Hollywood. My coffee drinking entertaining business contact gave me his phone number and really advised me to contact him since he is very skilled at what he does mainly now within film but also with music.

I did a background check again and man, those credits, a Primetime Emmy Awards Nominee in Outstanding Sound Mixing having a studio I could visit?!  I contacted him and got invited to come and visit the studio. He encouraged me and has given me advise on the way during my time in the music industry from day #1. I am forever grateful for his mentorship and we have been recording in his studio several times and it feels like coming home hanging out in the living room atmosphere it is there, chillin out and creating amazing music. What a story right! To be continued / Regina

Our Story part #3

There is a lot of stuff in a studio. As a kid I put the train electricity thing into pieces to see what it looked like inside, and ruined other things and climbed trees and built huts so I’m not as girly as I look.

Being in a recording studio environment for 5 years and in the live music scene is like gone through a practical education of this. Bits and pieces come together and helping out, being very curious and put my nose into almost everything have given me knowledge and insights that is very valuable for me in the industry.

Working together with producers have also given my so much value and asking them all those stupid questions have given me tons of valuable insights and advise. I am forever grateful for these men guiding and encouraging me for being in the music industry. To split songs into and reorganize them in the program Logic and shortening songs and adding or taking away parts that doesn’t belong in the song is the love of my life. Nothing compares to this, building songs into amazing songs. Brainstorming and discussing the songs and making them better is amazing. Music is such a blessing and I am so happy to have been part of this now for soon 8 years in October 2021. To be continued / Regina