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We cooperate in networks with other companies in the wide range of different specialists that the process of music require. A network with energetic and skilled people has many advantages compared to hierarchic giants. We keep on building on our network with others who also wants to help artists and bands to make a living on their music. This company started during the founders education in Music Business Program, finishes in june 2014. The network is spreading behind the scene.

Co Producer:  Regina Wallmark

Producer on Bohemian Lifestyles first album & Greybeards second album –  Chips Kiesbye   

Audio Technology & Recording Studio Sound Control Sweden

Studio Gröndahl Studio

Music A Matic Studio

Nyman Audio (Rec engineer & mixing) Nyman Audio

Chartmakers (mastering) Chartmakers

Distribution for Europe

Fredrik Dahlberg Fashion Photographer

Jennika Photography Sweden Jennika Photography

Ricky Photography & Motion 

Album Artwork HOMBRE Productions Inc.

PR Agent – GERMANY – Gordeon Music

and More

About Us

Founder is Regina Wallmark, an experienced entrepreneur that from a viewpoint of business scans the environment to deliver ideas as solutions to problems or obstacles. Within the Company Group is , Attitude Promotion AB (PR/Coaching & Online Educations) and Attitude Recordings (Record Label) and Attitude Production (Tour Production & Live music Events ) More in depth about us right here:

Field of Study Music Business Program Sae Institute Stockholm